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  Space Launch System
Photo of 1/144th Space Launch System, a highly detailed replica scale model of the next heavy-lift launch rocket.

NASA has chosen the design for its next heavy-lift rocket, the Space Launch System, or SLS. This booster will be able carry humans farther than they've ever been, to an asteroid, Mars and beyond in the 21st century.

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In 2011, shortly after the retirement of the Space Shuttle, NASA announced its design for a whole new launch system, declaring that it would take the agency's astronauts farther into space than ever before and provide the cornerstone for future US human space exploration efforts.

The Space Launch System, or SLS, is a heavy-lift launch vehicle designed and currently under development by NASA. It follows the cancellation of the Constellation Program, and is to replace the Space Shuttle. The NASA Authorization Act of 2010 envisions the transformation of the Ares I and Ares V vehicle designs into a single launch vehicle usable for both crew and cargo. It is to be upgraded over time with more powerful versions. Its initial capability of the core elements, without an upper stage, will be between 70 metric tons (for the Block 0 configuration with 3 engines and a partially fuelled core) and 100 metric tons (for the Block I configuration with 4 engines and a fully fuelled core) to low-Earth orbit in preparation for missions beyond low-Earth orbit. With the addition of an integrated upper Earth Departure Stage and a fifth SSME-derived core engine, the total lift capability is to be 130 metric tons.

Proach Models has developed a 1/144 scale model of the Block 1 version of the SLS. Standing almost 27 inches tall, this detailed model is an excellent representation of what America’s next heavy-lift launch rocket will look like. The model includes the 5 ½ segment solid rocket booster strap-ons, 4 detailed main engines and main core corrugated surface sections, launch escape system, durable NASA and USA markings and black walnut display base with brass-etched nameplate and logo.

Well packed for shipping, this model includes shipping anywhere in the continental US and Canada.

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