Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo flights to the Moon by adding this high detailed replica of the Apollo CSM/LM in Lunar flight configuration to your collection.

    Apollo Command, Service and Lunar Modules In-Flight- 1:48 Scale

      • Extensively researched to be as accurate as possible
      • Hand crafted, North American product
      • Solid resin cast Apollo Spacecraft
      • Molds made using 3D printed master parts 
      • Highly detailed surface panels throughout, including the radiators and Mylar tape pattern on Command Module 
      • Detailed Service Propulsion System 
      • Super detailed 3D printed High Gain Antenna, Reaction Control thruster Quads and Handholds on CSM
      • Super detailed Lunar Module built and finished to mission specs (Apollo 11) but can be built to any of the Lunar mission specs
      • Gold mylar finish on Lunar Module Descent stage
      • Black lacquered base features the Apollo flight emblem 
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