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Project Gemini was the second human spaceflight program of NASA, used to launch twelve Gemini missions between 1964 and 1966. Two unmanned launches, followed by ten manned ones, were conducted from Launch Complex 19 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, starting with Gemini 1 on 8 April 1964, and ending with Gemini 12 in late 1966.

Gemini Titan II 1:48 Scale

  • Our impressive 1:48 scale Gemini Titan II model recalls the historic Gemini Program of the mid-1960’s. The accuracy and detail on this 28 inch tall model makes it a highly desired collector’s edition.
    Features include the distinctive black roll patterns on the first and second stages with a white and silver basic paint scheme, cage frame with ribbed engines featuring their “white socks”.  There is a choice of Titan II serial numbers to make up whatever mission you more favor.
    The model comes complete with a black walnut display base and nameplate with the Gemini Project logo.