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40 Years Since Apollo 15

Apollo 15 badge

It was July 31, 1971 and there I was….in the studios of the CTV network in Scarborough, Ontario ( a suburb of Toronto at the time) setting up my model display of the Apollo 15 landing site. It included the lunar module “Falcon” along with a scratch-built model of the lunar rover, along with 2 astronaut figures and the ALSEP (Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package) that was used on the mission.

CTV anchor Harvey Kirch and co-anchor Henry Champ were getting ready to go on the air with the network’s coverage of the first of 3 moonwalks. When I finished setting up the landscape I stood back and watched Harvey, Henry and the technical staff go to work, watching first-hand how television coverage of an event was brought into the homes of people across Canada, and what a thrill it was.

CTV went on through the mission coverage that day and used my 42″ x 24″ layout in their coverage of the mission using my name on the air at least a couple of times. It was an exciting, unique experience for a 17 year old and was certainly once of the most exciting summers of my life…one I will always remember. It also became a major catalyst in the formation of a company that keeps the exciting moments of the US Space Program alive by providing detailed, accurate models and displays of the hardware that was used to get man to the moon. And just to live at a time to witness that excitement of man walking on another world!

It may be asking for quite a bit, but I hope we can return to that excitement to soon see man walking on another world again. Too bad the capabilities got thrown away in the first place!

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