Proach Models Featured in Ron Howard/Tom Hanks Documentary

Back in 1997/98 we were approached by HBO to produce a series of models for them to use in a 12-part space documentary series called From the Earth to the Moon, which was co-produced by Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, Michael Bostick, and Brian Glazer (who produced the Tom Hanks vehicle Apollo 13).

The space documentary series was narrated by Hanks and aired on the HBO network and its Canadian affiliate, The Movie Network. It documented the history of the US manned space program with specific emphasis on the Apollo program.

Normally we don’t work for movies or TV series because they typically want everything done yesterday. But the HBO crew who produced the From the Earth to the Moon space documentary series were a delightful group to work with. They were very polite and appreciative of the work we did for them. In addition to building many of the prop models featured in the series, we were also commissioned to build a 4-foot tall Apollo astronaut figure as well as a 1/12-scale Lunar Module for a promotional window display for HBO in Manhattan, NY.

We created the astronaut from a plywood sheet beefed up with shaped foam and papier mâché then covered with fibreglass cloth for the outer garment. The backpack wa