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A Double Order of Hubble Space Telescope Models

Hubble Space Telescope

I love little coincidences like this… In 2010 we received separate orders to build 1/24 scale Hubble Space Telescope models, one for Lockheed Martin and the other for the Ontario Space Centre in Toronto.

At the time we had four major projects on the go so the workshop was really humming!

We started the Hubble Space Telescope models in late February. Those were complex models to build. We made the aperture door so that it could open to reveal the secondary mirror inside, which was a tricky bit of business.

Plus, there’s so much detail involved and all of the separate parts of the Hubble Space Telescope model had to be specially shaped to fit on a rounded surface. And when you join the pieces together, there’s no room for error. If they don’t line up perfectly it looks like garbage. You need to be able to look down that tube and see the cross-hairs perfectly set at 90 degrees. If anything’s off even the slightest bit, it’s immediately obvious.

Not only that – those Hubble Space Telescope Models were heavy ones to build, which means we had to build a stable support system that could hold the model firmly on its base.

We were quite pleased with results when we were done, though

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