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John Travolta does Architectural Digest in Space Model Style

As a space model maker, when I get a business call I never know who’s going to be on the other end of the phone asking me to make a model for them… and sometimes, it’s a pretty big surprise! One day a few years back I got a call from someone announcing himself as belonging to the legal team that represented John Travolta. It turned out Travolta’s house was going to be featured in Architectural Digest and he wanted to commission Proach Models to build two 1/48 scale models of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project to display in the photo shoot as he was a huge space buff. After we completed the space models and sent them to Travolta, I received another call from the member of his legal team, who let me know that Mr. Travolta was very pleased with the models and thanked us for our hard work. It always gives me a kick to think of our space models enjoying a place of honour in the house of someone as famous as Vinnie Bobarino from Welcome Back Kotter!

Apollo-Soyuz Test Project

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